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Consultation Services

If you would like to discuss your financing options or get a second opinion on your project or plan we are available to a Free consultation with you.

These sessions are designed to give you and our team and opportunity to have a informal "meet and greet" and to determine if we are a good business fit for each other.

These sessions are typically scheduled for 30 minutes. If you would like to schedule a consultation session with one of our team members, use the button below.

Commercial Loan Packaging

A large percentage of the submission we received are never given the serious consideration they require because they are:

  • Improperly formatted. Contain numerous attachments rather than 1 file. Takes too much time to compile the data for evaluation.
  • Packages focus mostly on the property and it's potential and lack information on the owners and their expertise and experience that qualifies them.
  • Packages fail to address the obvious weakness in the deals and to offer solutions that overcome the obvious weaknesses.
  • Many lack key information on the principals and focus more on the property and its potential.

A professionally package is recommended for all projects requiring LTV'S above 85% or projects requiring equity participation. A professional loan package will provide the funders or partners with all the information they require
in the format they are accustom to seeing to they can evaluate your project faster. 
Additionally a professional package reflects highly on you and separates your project from.

To learn more, simply click below.

Joint Venture Program

In some instances, we function as a equity partners for some of our clients. We may provide down payment, DD fees and other expenses in exchange for a secured equity position in the project. Our equity requirements can range from 3% to 20% or higher depending on the project and the overall deal structure.

We are very particular about our JV partners. We require our partners to have a strong background in construction or commercial property management.

 If you would like to learn more about this program, follow the link below:

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